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My Cornish heritage and love of the land and sea has informed a practice of landscape and coastal paintings.

Work derived from a lifetime of looking and belonging...


I am a Cornish painter, based in Falmouth.  My Cornish heritage and love of the land and sea has informed a practice of landscape and coastal paintings- generating work mainly on site. 

I love the transience of time and weather. Revisiting spaces time and time over, but never quite seeing the same- a unique response in paint to how I see and feel on the day.


Inspired by walking and painting around the Cornish Coast; I am interested in paths well-trodden and how the essence of a place is not just in the physical, but in the energy, the spirit of a place, time and weather.


In essence my work is about a life lived by the sea and my deep affinity with the ocean, the Cornish Coast and its history.   It is about time spent-from childhood- on the shallow shores of the Carrick roads and the soft estuaries, beaches and woodland of the south coast of Cornwall and the deep seas, rolling tides and immense skies of our Atlantic Coast.


See my gallery CV for a detailed overview of previous exhibitions, academic endeavours and community projects.



Other media

Community and public art 

I am passionate about enabling interactions with art and creativity in communities and with individuals.


Tresillian House Mural, and Bude Courtyard Mural (murals in supported living homes- enabling art/ art for wellbeing
Mayflower 400 Mosaic commission- (Abbeyfield) Mayflower 2021

Online How to workshops for well-being during COVID

Click here to watch a sample

Falmouth Dock Mural

Commissioned by The Falmouth Art Gallery and A& P Group

Art Co-ordinator for the Falmouth school’s Automata project

I worked with the pupils from all the Falmouth schools and the Automaton makers, Paul Spooner, Keith Newstead and Rob Higgs, running workshops to help design Automata for Kimberley Park.

Kimberley Park Mosaics

Designed and installed the mosaics in Kimberley Park's central compass and paths. Ideas were generated through working with children from St Mary’s RC primary school. The designs depict Falmouth’s rich Maritime history and Falmouth’s Packet ships.

Royal Cornwall Show, ‘Talking canvas’

In association with St Mary’s RC school, I designed and coordinated a large artwork made of 35 small canvases celebrating Cornwall’s cultural diversity.

BBC ART COORDINATOR: BHAKTIVDANTA MANOR:’ Lord Krishna Mural & THE CENTRAL MOSQUE, Regents Park: ‘Contemporary Mosaic’:

Working as a freelance artist for the BBC I researched, designed and coordinated the making of these artworks for the Heaven and Earth Show.

As Artist In Residence: Designed and coordinated large-scale mural celebrating the seafront and gardens.